• Managing Chronic Anxiety Attacks

    If you are prone to severe anxiety attacks, it can be hard to muster up the energy to leave the house to seek help. This can create a cycle of problems as you struggle to manage the symptoms of your anxiety. Here are some tips that can help. Find an integrated team Anxiety is best managed with a team of medical professionals including psychologists, GPs and associated professionals such as massage therapists.

  • 4 things you must know to care for your temporary dental crown

    If your tooth is cracked, weak or dysfunctional because of erosion of the enamel, then you need not worry. The tooth can be fixed using an artificial crown. These crowns help the tooth to restore its strength, size, shape, and improve the appearance. It is important to get dental care and crown your tooth to protect the inner tissues from injuries and infection. The process of getting your tooth crowned takes place in two stages.

  • The Effects of Alcohol on Sleep Apnoea

    Drinking alcohol at night, or right before bed, can affect a person who suffers from sleep apnoea in a number of ways. However, there are few who fully understand the effects, or if they need to completely avoid alcohol to minimize the consequences of the drink. The truth about alcohol and sleep apnoea may be a bit surprising. The Effect of Alcohol on Nighttime Breathing Generally speaking, alcohol is a substance that can have quite a few impacts on your overall health and well-being.

  • Choosing the Perfect Inscription for Your Loved One's Memorial

    The inscription is the most important part of any headstone. It's a tribute to the deceased that should summarise their personality and serve as a constant reminder of their life's achievements. Choosing a perfect inscription to eulogise a loved one is never easy, as various factors, such as the material of the stone and your chosen font, are part of your decision.  Choosing a Suitable Font The largest and most important part of the memorial is the deceased's name.

  • Sports Podiatry: Treatment Options Available for Pro Athletes

    Lower limb injuries are very common in sports activities. As a pro athlete, therefore, chances are high you might sustain injuries to your lower limbs at some point in your career. If that occurs, you'll need to see a medical professional who can provide treatment so that you can get back on the tracks as soon as possible. That medical professional is a sports podiatrist. Sports podiatrists can treat an extensive range of lower limb problems, including but not limited to stress fractures, heel pain, ankle sprains, shin splints, torn Achilles tendons, neuroma, bunions, etc.