• Bone Healing | 3 Steps To Speed Up Your Recovery From A Fracture Through Physiotherapy

    Apart from being excruciatingly painful, a bone fracture can be terribly stressful when you have to deal with limited movement capability for a long time. After a bone fracture, your body will work extra hard to recover from it for the next couple of months, but you can also undertake some steps to speed up your recovery. You will need to work closely with your physio to restore normal movement again.

  • Choosing the Perfect Inscription for Your Loved One's Memorial

    The inscription is the most important part of any headstone. It's a tribute to the deceased that should summarise their personality and serve as a constant reminder of their life's achievements. Choosing a perfect inscription to eulogise a loved one is never easy, as various factors, such as the material of the stone and your chosen font, are part of your decision.  Choosing a Suitable Font The largest and most important part of the memorial is the deceased's name.

  • Common Massage Techniques in Sports Physical Therapy

    There are diverse benefits of sports massage therapy to professional and amateur athletes. The practice can be used to improve pre-event preparation by reducing the muscle recovery time and improving endurance. Stretching and joint manipulation enhances flexibility and consequently, reduces the risk for injury. The methods used in this type of therapy are relaxing so they reduce stress to the mind and body. In addition, massage can be used as part of a physio programme after sports injuries.

  • Four Pre-Planned Funeral Services You Will Likely Change Later

    When you sit down to work on your funeral planning, you may be doing at a young age. This is due to several reasons including military commitment, family obligations, or just the need to feel prepared for the unexpected. There are several services that you may feel you really want right now, but may change as you get older. Here are four of those services that you may change, and that you may want to re-consider later.